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Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy - the first fully funded and comprehensive plan for Australia’s cyber security - is critical for our nation’s security and prosperity.

The four-year strategy is only a year old and we have already made great strides. The Government has delivered on many initiatives, and set Australia on the path for the successful delivery of others.

We have opened the first Joint Cyber Security Centre in Brisbane which is the first stage of a $47 million program piloting collaborative work spaces where industry, government and law

enforcement work together and share relevant threat information. We are accelerating our plans to launch more centres in other capital cities.

The Cyber Security Growth Network has been established with $31.9 million in funding from 2016-17 to 2019-20 to ensure

Australian businesses can take advantage of opportunities in the global cyber security industry.

The Turnbull Government has committed a further $3.45 million to help address Australia’s shortage of skilled cyber security professionals via the establishment of Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence. The centres will produce work-ready graduates to increase our cyber security workforce and world- leading research on cyber security as well providing executive education programs for industry and government.

Work will begin later this year delivering the Government’s $38.8 million fitout and relocation of the Australian Cyber Security Centre to Brindabella Park in Canberra. The new centre will be home to the Government’s cyber agencies as well as representatives from across the private sector. The new multi- classified space will allow business and academia to more easily work side-by-side with government to share information and counter cyber security threats.

The recent development in statecraft of using cyber to influence the democratic process required a government response and Prime Minister Turnbull was quick to arrange a briefing of all political parties on strengthening cyber security. Australians must have confidence that when they cast their vote they are taking part in a strong, robust democratic process that is built for the modern world.

The Government also recognises we cannot ensure Australia’s cyber security alone. Governments, business and individuals must work together to share information and strengthen our defences against cyber threats.

The private sector has an important role to play because it is the driver of growth, employment and innovation. And the initiatives delivered through the cyber strategy have been designed to encourage and facilitate cooperation between government and business and, just as importantly, between business and business.

The Government-backed ASX 100 Cyber Health Check of Australia’s leading businesses will provide a valuable snapshot of the understanding of the cyber landscape. These checks are a key initiative under the Cyber Security Strategy, which will increase the cyber resilience in Australia’s largest companies through raising awareness and enabling ASX 100 companies to better understand their cyber security status and receive tailored information on the impact of cyber risks to their organisation.

In the world of cyber security, if you are standing still you are going backwards. The cyber security environment is constantly evolving, and we need to be adaptive and proactive. This update also captures work that has been done in addition to the Cyber Security Strategy, as well as identifying next steps and new work to be pursued. Ensuring the Australian Government’s strategy for cyber security is not static will ensure we can be confident in facing the cyber security challenges on the horizon.

Moving forward, we must concentrate on ensuring the cyber security of individuals, small and medium sized businesses and our critical infrastructure.

We are putting more digital cops on the beat and we will be working closely with our partners to understand how to better counter cybercriminal activity targeting small business and families.

We need to work with businesses and state and territory governments to better secure our critical infrastructure. This will involve better coordination and potentially reform of legislation.

This Government recognises the importance of strong cyber security to our nation and we will continue to increase our efforts to work collaboratively with industry, academia and individuals to keep all Australians safe online.

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The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security