Australian businesses grow and prosper through cyber security innovation.

To achieve our goal, the Government will:

  • establish a Cyber Security Growth Centre with the private sector to coordinate a national cyber security innovation network that pioneers cutting edge cyber security research and innovation.
  • promote Australian cyber security products and services for development and export, with a particular focus on the Indo-Pacific region.
  • work with business and the research community to better target cyber security research and development to Australia’s cyber security challenges.

Future economic growth in Australia will be boosted by access to new markets and the development of new forms of wealth creation. Disruptive technologies will open up new business opportunities, but many of these depend on trust and confidence in the security of cyberspace. Getting cyber security right will mean Australia is a secure and dynamic location for business diversification and investment.

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing sectors in many national economies and Australia is well placed to use our home-grown capabilities to develop business opportunities in this increasingly connected world.

Our domestic cyber security sector, though small, has a good reputation internationally. To ensure we capitalise on these assets, the Government will help create the right environment to incubate cyber security research, development and start-ups.

Recent achievements

Recent achievementsAustralia’s domestic innovation and research industry is well regarded, supported by targeted efforts from both government and the private sector.

  • Cyber security is one of nine Government National Science and Research Priorities.
  • Australian businesses are taking advantage of cyber opportunities. In recent years, home-grown cyber security online businesses have won Australian Export and Innovation awards for their export success and their unique products and services.
  • Cyber security innovators are winning international acclaim-and out-competing overseas counterparts for venture capital to commercialise solutions to complex cyber security challenges.

Enable cyber security businesses to develop and prosper

Enabling businessCyberspace presents enormous opportunities for Australian businesses. We bring technical innovation, a skilled workforce and the experience gained from early adoption of technology across our economy. We need to harness this expertise and achieve scaled success for Australia’s economy and security to benefit from our strong cyber security R&D foundations.

More broadly, focused cyber security services will support trust and confidence in Australian businesses operating online. The Government’s commitment to cyber security will help businesses diversify and foster new markets, laying the foundations for a prosperous future. The Government will also promote Australia’s cyber security sector to the expanding global market for trusted cyber security services, which at around eight per cent a year, is expanding twice as fast as global economic growth.

Support for entrepreneurs

The National Innovation and Science Agenda is helping innovators commercialise good ideas. A number of the initiatives support start-ups and entrepreneurs, including:

  • enhancing the visa system to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurial talent and skills to Australia –
  • making changes to the tax treatment of Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships to attract more investment into our high potential start-ups
  • promoting investment in innovative, high-growth potential start-ups by providing concessional tax treatment for investors
  • the Incubator Support Program, growing the next generation of innovative and high performing Australian businesses
  • investing $36 million over five years in a Global Innovation Strategy to improve Australia’s international innovation and science collaboration
  • supporting commercialisation of research from CSIRO, other research organisations and universities through an early stage innovation fund.

Enabling cyber security R&D and innovation

Enabling R&D and InnovationThe Government is investing over $30 million to establish an industry‐led Cyber Security Growth Centre to create business opportunities for Australia’s cyber security sector and improve Australian businesses’ cyber security.

The Cyber Security Growth Centre was announced in December 2015 as part of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda and will develop a national plan to grow Australia’s cyber security sector. It is part of the Government’s Industry Growth Centres initiative and will coordinate cyber security research and innovation for national benefit and enable Australia to become a global leader in cyber security solutions and services. This will generate investment and jobs for the economy.

In addition, the Cyber Security Growth Centre will provide strategic coordination of a national cyber security innovation network that links cyber security innovation hubs and cyber security R&D around Australia and early-adopter businesses and government agencies. It will provide the national mechanism for cross-sector collaboration and investment in nationally-significant cyber security infrastructure and frameworks that are not singularly commercially-viable. To take advantage of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ generated by cyberspace, governments, businesses and the research community will come together to link Australian research and start-up incubation with commercial opportunities. The Growth Centre will also work to improve the workforce skills of the sector and seek opportunities for the Australian cyber security sector to access global markets. This will help grow Australia’s cyber security sector and help all Australians and businesses be more secure online.

Data61, CSIRO’s digital powerhouse, will also contribute to the national cyber security innovation network through its cyber security research and collaboration with the private sector and by connecting the network internationally through initiatives such as the Security Innovation Network (SINET).

The industry-led Growth Centre and its innovation network will support and inform the Government’s National Science and Research Priority on cyber security by guiding and leveraging existing government measures at the federal, state and local levels to improve research commercialisation, business innovation and competitiveness. For example, the Growth Centre will identify cyber research and technology gaps or priorities for industry, and inform the science and research community of industry needs and commercial opportunities. It will also work with other Growth Centres to identify cyber security challenges in other sectors.

The Growth Centre will also complement other initiatives under this Strategy, including the joint cyber threat sharing centres, to support solutions to emerging cyber security threats; and academic centres of cyber security excellence (discussed in the next chapter), by providing tertiary students with hands on experience in solving cyber security challenges before they graduate.

Infographic showing cyber security growth centre

Data61—Australia’s largest data innovation group

Formed in 2015, Data61 has already established an impressive network of partnerships across industry, government and academia, quickly becoming Australia’s largest data innovation group.

To capitalise on the emerging data-driven economy, Data61 is developing ‘leap ahead’ technologies to enable industry and government to be at the cutting edge of cyber security. The strategic objectives for Data61 are closely aligned with this Strategy, reiterating the importance of cyber security in a data-driven future.

Data61’s mission is to help Australia create new technology based industries. Cyber security is one of those industries and underpins all others. To achieve this, Data61 is focused on national alignment with global context, fostering a global innovation network—connecting academia, corporations, start-ups, governments, investors and entrepreneurs around the world. In 2016, Data61 will also bring the Security Innovation Network, SINET, to Australia, a ‘super-connector’ for cyber security innovation based in the US. The Australian network, to be known as SINET61, will connect to a series of global activities and will build on SINET’s existing annual events in Silicon Valley, New York, Washington DC and London that bring together cyber security entrepreneurs and start-ups with venture capitalists and angel investors.

A strong cyber security capability is crucial for Australia to be a global leader as the world economy enters the next wave of digital enablement.

John N. Stewart, Senior Vice President and Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco and member of the Cyber Security Review’s Independent Panel of Experts