The last twelve months have been seminal in shaping the security of Australia’s online future. Australia’s four-year Cyber Security Strategy is delivering on the Government’s promise of improving the security of Australia’s online environment, and enabling innovation, growth and prosperity. Strong progress has been made against the Cyber Security Strategy’s 33 initiatives, with several delivered and others well in train.

But even more, the Cyber Security Strategy has generated momentum and established a platform for more direct, deeper and richer conversations between governments, business and the public. As custodians of the economy and the providers of our online infrastructure, the private sector plays the central role in Australia’s cyber security. Success requires a true partnership.

“The Cyber Security Strategy has brought a coordinated focus to cyber security. It has started conversations; now the focus must be on delivering each of the initiatives identified under the strategy and we would like to see this being accelerated as the fast moving threat environment requires increased agility”.

Berin Lautenbach, Acting Chief Information Security Officer, Telstra

2017-18 is shaping as another pivotal period for Australia’s cyber security. The platform set by the Cyber Security Strategy presents a unique opportunity for Australian businesses and government agencies to seize the initiative and drive towards bigger and better goals. This update outlines some of those, and more will emerge over the next twelve months.

Led by the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, new areas of work will focus on tackling cybercrime, supporting small business, securing critical infrastructure and building cyber resilience. We will disrupt the Strategy where necessary, continue to improve communications, be more agile and accelerate the implementation of key initiatives.